Customer Stories

Please don’t take our word for YODI! We are able to share very relevant positive business messages from some members of our current YODI Network.

BMCI recently converted our business cards to YODI.   These cards are now part of our email signature and allow our prospective clients to view our website and company information. The monthly analysis from YODI allows us to see what parts of our website is working.  I would definitely recommend them.


At Royal London we recently took the step to augment our paper business cards with digital ones provided to us by YODI. Not only are we doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint, we are also directing more traffic to our website and staying a step ahead with our Smart Digital Cards.’

Head of Sales

Royal London Ireland

Nektr has recently launch our new website and with this change we decided to change to digital business cards too. Being so much better for the environment and shared at the touch of a button YODI fast, effective and very professional. We also found we had massive success with generating contacts at a recent expo we attended with the lead generation tool. Nektr aims to soon be a global business and we can now take our digital identity with us.

Claire Scanlon


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