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Yodi is your one stop, fast, effective, efficient and added value method of meeting, greeting and keeping in touch with valuable business contacts in the 21st Century. 

Not something easily said about paper business cards which in fairness, have carried the “nice to meet you” flag for a long time and are now more of a tradition and a “nice to have” rather than an active, modern business tool like Yodi

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The history of business cards and how it changed

Yodi is a digital business card solution. It combines the advantages of online marketing with a traditional business card. Your business profile, branding, contacts details, website and social media links are all in the one place on your Smart Card.

It is an innovative technology that is new to Ireland and has had big success in both the UK and the U.S. to date.

The technology is advanced but easy to use. Sharing and forwarding of your Smart Card can be done through instant messaging – text and WhatsApp, by email and through the use of the cards QR code.

Check out 6 Six great reasons why YODI works for you and your business.

  • Share your personal & business information fast, eco-friendly, and cost-effectively

  • Digital identity for whenever you or your organisation needs it to be used.

  • Measure and analyse business development and sales activities

  • Increase effective online traffic

  • Emphasise and enhance your brand every day.

  • Know that your YODI message has arrived, been shared and read.

We can help you get connected with YODI today.

Yodi Cards vs Paper Cards

No Yodi Cards Paper Cards
1 Easy to share digitally, social media & 1:1 Easy to share when 1:1
2 Stand out as different. Traditional and variations on a standard theme.
3 Share other information and media ongoing. Only the information that is on the card.
4 Stores information conveniently. No storage, what is on the card is it.
5 Yodi cards are retained online. 88% of paper cards are discarded within one week.
6 Excellent contact management. People live in the moment and if no use now, discard.
7 Activity tracker for sales and business dev. Nobody tracks, measures, manages or knows.
8 Easy to customise. Easy to customise.
9 Cost effective with little waste. A cost benefit analysis would show high wastage.
10 Eco-friendly. Not eco-friendly.
11 Affordable and unlimited use. Affordability depends on design, paper and volume.

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