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1 How many cards should I order?

Only one per user. Yodi digital card can be sent to thousands of people anywhere in the world.

2 Does the price cover all cards every year?

Yes. It doesn’t matter how many Yodi cards are used, every year the price is the same.

3 Why use Yodi? (1)

Yodi can be exchanged digitally and at a 1:1 meetings. Meeting 1:1 is the only opportunity to hand over a business card.

4 Why use Yodi? (2)

Nearly 90% of all business cards are literally dumped within one week of being handed over. Yodi cards once saved to contacts are locked in digitally.

5 Can I change personal and contact details on Yodi?

Yes. All information on the card is flexible and can be changed the same as any other digital content.

6 How much does it cost to change my card details?

It could be free, depending on your price plan, check out our competitive pricing model here.

7 Is it only my personal contact details that are sent?

No, because Yodi can also send marketing information, a call to action or key messages as part of a campaign. These interactions can be tracked and analysed for impact and effect.

8 How can Yodi help with lead generation?

It’s never been easier for your contact base to share your marketing and contact information with their own database using Yodi. And you will be able to count how many times your card is shared.

9 How much does Yodi coast?

It depends on how much information you would like to share using the card. Click here for more details on a competitive price plan that works for you.

10 How does Yodi help with knowing who is using my business card?

Whenever you contact a contact using Yodi, it counts in Yodi data.

11 How does Yodi help with knowing who on my staff is using Yodi?

Every contact with Yodi by any member of staff is counted and a full report on all activity is available monthly or whenever you need it.

12 How many Yodi cards can my company use?

Unlimited amount of cards, for example 100 people could be using their own cards 500 times in one year which would equal 500,000 brand visibility opportunities for the company.

13 Why use Yodi instead of paper cards?

Read all the reasons why Yodi is better than paper here including the fact that it is eco-friendly.

14 Is Yodi going to help my business?

Yes. Read these FAQ’s for some great business reasons and click here to read more.

15 Why have a digital business card?

Because paper business cards are not effective or cost efficient and it’s nearly impossible to calculate any business benefit from having them. On the other hand Yodi is the opposite of all these and does measure impact and return on investment.

16 How do I get started with Yodi?

Check out our Yodi Packages and order yours now, or fill in our contact form and Yodi support will be in touch soon.


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